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Poll Features

  • Instant account creation
  • Up to 25 polls per account
  • Easy-to-use administration area
  • Quick wizards for easy poll setup
  • Easy tools for duplicating your polls
Poll Appearance
  • Several color schemes to choose from
  • Up to 50 questions for your poll [premium]
  • Up to 50 answers for each question [premium]
  • Edit questions and answers at any time
  • Replace all text with your own custom text
  • Use images as answer options for your poll
  • Poll appearance completely customizable
  • Radio-button or checkbox
Voting Options
  • Ability to close poll for votes
  • Require that users vote on all questions [premium]
  • Cookie blocking to prevent users from voting twice
  • IP blocking to prevent users from voting twice [premium]
  • Set expiration date for both IP and Cookie blocking
  • Automatically close poll on expiration date [premium]
Poll Display
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Display the poll on your website or link to it
  • Several HTML codes ready to copy and paste
  • Smart HTML code that automatically updates the poll on your site when changes are made to the poll [premium]
Results Reporting
  • Edit the votes at any time
  • Real-time updates and results
  • Sort answers by number of votes
  • Results in popup window (optional)
  • Results page is completely customizable
  • Replace all text with your own custom text
  • Hide vote count and only show percentages [premium]
  • Make the results private for only you to view [premium]
  • Require that visitors vote before viewing results

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