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Poll FAQ

Do you display ads on the result page?

    No, we do not!

How can my poll be free?

    Ballot-Box.net uses the freemium model. The basic poll service is free, a premium is charged for the additional advanced services.

How much does a premium poll cost?

    5.00$ for 1 month
    9.00$ for 2 months
    13.00$ for 3 months
    25.00$ for 6 months
    49.00$ for 1 year

How do I create a free poll?

    The setup process for your poll is easy. Just sign up and follow the instructions to create your own poll.

How do I put my poll on my site?

    After you create your poll, select the HTML code with your mouse and copy it. Open your HTML file in a simple text editor and paste the code into your file at the appropriate location.

How can I change the poll I've created?

    Once you've created your poll, all you have to do is login with your e-mail address and password to change your poll settings. You can customize everything, including the results page and the language!

Can I create more than one poll?

    Yes, you can create up to 25 polls in your account. Just let us know if you need more polls and we will increase this limit.

Why doesn't my poll work?

    The HTML code on your page is probably not correct. We do not recommend using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, nor a webpage design program such as Microsoft FrontPage to paste the HTML code into your HTML file. This will often result in errors in your HTML code. For best results, we recommend using a simple text editor.

Can visitors vote more than once?

    Not usually. There are two blocking options to prevent users from voting more than once.

    1. IP Blocking: users with same IP address can not vote more than once.
    2. Cookie Blocking: a cookie is set on the users computer when they first vote.

Some of my visitors complain that they've never voted before, but still get a message that they've already voted!

    If you enable IP blocking, the IP address of the voter is recorded. If someone with the same IP tries to vote again, their vote will not count. If you are using your poll on a site where people access it from behind a firewall, many of your visitors may have the same IP address. For this reason, you should disable IP blocking and only enable cookie blocking.

What's the maximum number of questions that I can have on my poll?

    Free polls can have up to 10 questions on a poll. Premium polls can have up to 50 questions on a poll.

What's the maximum number of answers that I can have for each question on my poll?

    Free polls can have up to 10 answers for each question on a poll. Premium polls can have up to 50 answers for each question on a poll.

Can I edit the votes on my poll?

    Yes, you can.

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